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Eien Project

Posted by: *SR!*Harima

What is Eien Project? is some kind of operation for world conquest through anime? the research of a medicine for the eternal life? or maybe the new name of the Anime Fans clan?

Nah, no one of these its it

Remember i was writing a novel? well, it ended being a novel, with a game too, and im currently making the game, though isnt good probably, but you will see it, it will be made with OpenGL and C++, so, be waiting for it! xD

Lets put a progress bar here until the Alpha version:


For Beta:


For Delta:


For Epsilon: hahaha, no, just kidding, just Alpha, Beta and i think release should be Delta

Im making this though really no one reads this, but if there is anyone, get ready for it

And something for everyone remember, im not going to get any money with it, though donations would be useful since with my work i dont get enough money for myself xD, however, it will stay free, im not searching for money, so, if someone wants to take money from you with this, it wont be, so, rich people, no benefit for you, effort and become skilled! xD

Harima-Minaya (*SR!*Harima)

23/12/2010 03:54 p.m.



Posted by: *SR!*Harima

Hey! xD, i have been writing a light novel, well, why that?, well, lol, many wells, and there goes other, a friend will draw a manga, and i will write a light novel, will post them here so you can read

About the forum, i have been working a little, and did 2 improvements

-Fixed an error on Send PM, Topic and Reply system, that couldnt allow to post messages
-Added a message backup system, in case that, by any error, or by any reason the old error returns, will give you some reasons, and your message back for post it again

Take note that this error will return if you try to hack the system lol


Atlantica Online

Posted by: *SR!*Harima

Well, i have been doing many things, started to make clan grow in Atlantica Online, Argos server, so, there is a forum for it xD, be welcome if you play that, if not, and searching for a good game, try Atlantica xD


It has been a long time...

Posted by: *SR!*Harima

Seems like some Awardspace servers failed in January, but im hoping that does not happens ever again, cause it past nearly 3 months that i did not had notice of this site, until recently i decided to take a look if was back and it was back, Give me a rest and i will work again on it
I have to learn to play the violin, i became legally older recently, and got a violin, and if cannot decipher what i am talking about when i said "I became legally older", im saying that my birthday was recently

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